Acetylcholine (A-Sea-Tull-Co-Lean) is a neurotransmitter that is released by our neurons and helps with contraction in our cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles. Think of it like a ‘modulator’ for muscles and control of attention. As you know, too much or too little of anything is bad so if your acetylcholine receptors are blocked then your […]

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The Weigh+ Gain Cycle

There are numerous studies, reports, and gossip about the whole concept of weight gain and its relation to genetics, the environment, inflammation, and nutrition. Certainly, these all carry merit but in order to understand these mechanisms we must start simple. What causes weight gain exactly? Poor sleep? Stress? Sedentary living? Calories. Now, the formula for […]

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Lep+in & Ghrelin

Let us introduce you to two of the ‘hunger hormones’ that will completely change your life. If you do not understand anything about science, but know what the hormones Leptin (Lep-Tin) and Ghrelin (Grell-Inn) do then that is enough. Leptin is a hormone which is created by your fat cells that decreases your appetite. Ghrelin […]

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Brown Fa+

Now you have probably heard of white sugar and brown sugar, supposedly one is supposed to be healthier than the other. There is a very similar concept within the human body related to fat, White adipose tissue (WAT) and Brown Adipose tissue (BAT).  White adipose tissue is the common fat that many people complain about […]

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The Chemical Quar+et

The four chemical friends are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. As a matter of fact when we are aware of what these chemicals do and the importance that they play in our lives, we live both happier and healthier. We call these ‘The Chemical Quartet’. The importance of being in a positive state of mind […]

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Insulin Sensi+ivity

Before we introduce these two very interesting concepts let us first identify what Insulin is. Insulin (Inn-Sue-Lin) is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which allows the body use the glucose from carbohydrates we eat for energy or storage for future usage. Do you remember that feeling you have after eating loads of rice, fruits, […]

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Lac+ic Acid

As you are aware, our bodies require tremendous amounts of energy to fuel our muscles to move and contract properly. Many people believe that Lactic Acid is a horrible thing that causes our muscles to be sore, inflamed, and fatigued after a workout or a run, but that is not the case. Delayed Onset Muscle […]

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Electrolytes (Elect-Tro-Lights), we have all heard the word before, but the majority of people are unfamiliar with what these minerals are and what their mechanism of action is. Think of all of your thoughts and motions being controlled by a ‘master switch’. The foods that we ingest in our body contain mineral salts which form […]

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Stress, its a part of everyday life. As a matter of fact, if you did not have any stress then you would never get anything done. The real difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is that the former uses stress to activate his/her activities and lifestyle whereas the latter lets it shut […]

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Does cold exist? Cold does not exist it is in reality the absence of heat, according to Einstein. But the beautiful thing about cold,if used properly can serve to be a great benefit to our bodies. Cryotherapy (Cry-Oh-Therapy), the word sounds like a chamber a villain would keep to punish his enemies right? But think […]

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