Hydrotherapy is also known as the “the water cure” and is  probably the most relieving form of medicine for pain. Considering that the body is compromised of 60% water, our blood is 92% water, the brain and muscles are made up of 75% water, and our bones are 22% water, water is a real miracle.

In order to make use of the therapeutic purposes of hydrotherapy one must employ utilizing the different properties of water such as the temperature, pressure, and water’s differing forms. Hydrotherapy is used for faster injury healing and optimizing mobility. Increased proper blood circulation and strengthening the immune system as well as reducing tension and stress.

In order for one to understand hydrotherapy one must understand the effect of ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ treatment.

Heat increases blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients to the affected area so it is great for soothing stiff joints and relaxing muscles. Cold on the other hand decreases blood flow to the injured or inflamed area which helps decrease swelling, pain, inflammation, and muscle aches and spasms.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” -Leonardo Da Vinci



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