Cafestol (Calf-Es-Toll) is a molecule found in coffee. It is different from caffeine and is present in high quantities that are found in french press coffee, turkish coffee, and greek coffee.

This molecule is found in the oily part of coffee and is thought to increase cholesterol levels in the body. The increase in cholesterol occurs due to cafestol taking control of a receptor in the stomach that regulates cholesterol levels in the body.

Cafestol also has some great health benefits such as preventing and treating type 2 diabetes. In a prostate cancer study, results have shown that this molecule may have the ability to reduce cancer growths due to its antioxidant power which inhibits DNA mutations.

Further studies are being made on cafestol as it may have some anti-inflammatory and may offer some benefits for Parkinsons disease.

“Deja Brew: The feeling that you’ve had this coffee before.”


2 thoughts on “Cafes+ol

    1. Great Question! It is a stimulator of LDL cholesterol. Usually people who drink turkish coffee typically have a bottle of water after it. It is is cultural but there is also a health purpose to this as the water is meant to be good for the intestines and the liver.

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