Carotenoids (Karat-Oh-Noids) are a colored substance that give vegetables and fruits their orange, red, and yellow pigment. Well known carotenoids include beta-carotene , lutein, and lycopene which are all found in vegetables (spinach, kale, tomatoes) and fruits (oranges, mangoes).

The pigments play a very vital role in health as these fruits and vegetables high in carotenoids have strong antioxidant properties and fight free radicals in the body. Their benefits include their effectiveness of being anti inflammatory, immune strengthening, and improving our cardiovascular systems.

Many of the foods in which carotenoid foids can be found include sweet potatoes, carrots, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, magnos, spinach, cantalope, and oranges. It is essential for carotenoids to be consumed with fat in order for the body to optimally absorb them.

Remember, any time you see colored fruits or vegetables the carotenoids is what gives them their hue!

Life is full of color so stop seeing things in black and grey. -Project Posi+ive



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