The Chemical Quar+et

The four chemical friends are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. As a matter of fact when we are aware of what these chemicals do and the importance that they play in our lives, we live both happier and healthier. We call these ‘The Chemical Quartet’.

The importance of being in a positive state of mind is that it allows these chemicals to flow naturally. Imagine laying in a river on your back looking up at the sun and smiling as the water carries you to the beautiful path it desires. You have no resistance against it as you are not fighting the current, you know your circumstances and accept them. This is the chemical quartet.

Dopamine (Doe-Pa-Mean) is the brain chemical that surges in your brain giving you motivation and pleasure whenever you achieve a task or meet a goal. Whenever we are in a state of doubt, procrastination, or lacking drive it is typically because we dont not have a purpose. Instead of trying to accomplish big goals, start by accomplishing the small ones and celebrating small victories. This way you build momentum and slowly increase your dopamine levels eventually leading you to be stronger and more prepared to meet these big goals and dreams.

Serotonin (Sero-Tone-Inn) is the chemical that flows when you feel valued and significant. It is responsible for keeping you calm and collected, regulating your appetite, and keeping your sleep in check. Scientists currently do not know if depression causes a person to have low serotonin or low serotonin levels or people with low serotonin levels are more apt to be depressed. Imagine you had $100 right now, what could you do with it to make you “happy?” Maybe a small trip? A dining experience? A concert? A museum? A massage? Money doesn’t bring happiness, experiences bring happiness. Forget your problems and go make memories and build up your serotonin.

Endorphins come from the words ‘Endo’ and ‘Morphine’, combined they translate to ‘Endogenous Morphine’ which means your body’s internal morphine system. It helps alleviate your perception of pain, stress, and sadness. After a nice run or a good workout, you release endorphins because you are inducing eustress (positive stress) on your body and when you cry (distress) you release endorphins because it is a way for your body to numb the pain. As a matter of fact, studies now show that then you cry you are actually releasing ‘sad hormones’ from your system through your eyes. When you are angry, frustrated, or sad you have so much hormones (negative stress) in your blood that you need a way to release and the same goes for happiness (positive stress). Go get those endorphins rolling!

Oxytocin (Oxy-Toe-Sin) this is probably one of the most beautiful hormones in the body. Studies show that when people have more of this in their body they are more generous, intimate, trusting, and socially bonded to those around them. That explains why it is released by both men and women during orgasm and why breastfeeding mothers induce so much of it. There are many simple ways to induce oxytocin, go give someone a hug, a kiss, or even a gift! Try and get out of your own mind and do something nice or kind to someone else, it will make you feel so good.

“My brain chemicals love your brain chemicals, its chemistry.” -Projec Posi+ive



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