Brown Fa+

Now you have probably heard of white sugar and brown sugar, supposedly one is supposed to be healthier than the other. There is a very similar concept within the human body related to fat, White adipose tissue (WAT) and Brown Adipose tissue (BAT).  White adipose tissue is the common fat that many people complain about acquiring and having such a hard time getting rid of whereas brown adipose tissue is found in small mammals and newborn babies but as we grow older we have it in minimal amounts.

Research shows that when your BAT is lacking then WAT steps in to regulate energy balance, so to put it simply white adipose tissue stores fat and brown adipose tissue is thermogenic ((increases your metabolism, causes weight lost, and increases your total energy expenditure). Brown fat works very similarly to muscle tissue as it activates the white fat for fuel at times while keeping our hormone levels in check and stabilizing our hunger cycles.

In order to encourage your body to turn white fat to brown fat, here is a couple things you can do:

  1. Find balance when eating. Do not starve yourself and do not stuff yourself when it is time to have meals. Overconsumption not only increases white fat but it also interferes with brown fats ability to burn calories and increase metabolism.
  2. Eat an apple. Remember that old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ well it should be changed to ‘An apple a day causes the brown fat to play’. A specific component called ursolic acid which is found in apples is known to increase overall body BAT.
  3. Keep your body active. Any type of exercise or sport that causes your body to stimulate muscles and shock fat is known to convert WAT to BAT.
  4. Go to sleep in temperatures between 65-70 degrees celsius. Now it may seem like quite an adjustment from your normal room temperature (room temperature is at 72 degrees), but turning the thermostat down mainly during bed will help you sleep deeper and make your body a fat burning machine.
  5. Have a couple cryotherapy sessions. Sub zero temperatures are known to activate ‘cold shock proteins’ which put your body in a thermogenic state allowing for reduced stress and inflammation causing hormones to go into fat burning mode.
  6. Drink Green Tea. Studies show that two cups of green tea a day allowed for increased brown fat, it was not as significant as cold exposure but certainly effective.
  7. Garlic, Red Wine, Seaweed, and Red peppers are also great additions to your diet for increased brown fat!

“Sweat is just fat crying”. 


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