Lep+in & Ghrelin

Let us introduce you to two of the ‘hunger hormones’ that will completely change your life. If you do not understand anything about science, but know what the hormones Leptin (Lep-Tin) and Ghrelin (Grell-Inn) do then that is enough.

Leptin is a hormone which is created by your fat cells that decreases your appetite. Ghrelin on the other hand increases your appetite and plays a major role in body weight. One is an appetite stimulant whereas the other is an appetite suppressor. Leptin is mainly stored in your fat cells, so when you eat a meal it is released and sends a signal to your brain (specifically hypothalamus) to let you know you’re feeling full and should stop eating. Ghrelin on the other hand is released from your stomach and when it is elevated, it says to your brain ‘its time to eat again’. Now the interesting thing about Ghrelin is that there are many factors that contribute to its secretion such as your age, gender, body type, and blood glucose levels.

So how does one lower ghrelin levels?

  1. Glutamine. This amino acid helps heal your gut lining allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed into your blood stream and eventually to your body)
  2. Increase your fiber intake. Fiber has a direct effect on ghrelin levels as it not only helps food process better in your stomach but helps you feel food so you do not overeat)
  3. Stop Overeating. if you remember in an earlier post we mentioned the 1/3 rule which says at every meal fill your stomach with 1/3 water or healthy beverage, 1/3 food and nutrients, and 1/3 air for breathing.
  4. Keep your stress levels down. Stress actually induces ghrelin release. Stay distracted and practice mindfulness, it will not only stop you from overthinking but it will keep your body running like a well oiled machine.
  5. Try and include protein in every meal. If you talk to any nutritionist, they will tell you protein and carbohydrates when combined at meals are absorbed better and cause the nutrients to process more efficiently in the body.
  6. Maximize your sleep. If you have sleep problems that is ok, try and get a few quality hours of sleep rather than long hours with disrupted sleep.

A hungry stomach makes a short prayer. -Proverb



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