Leaky Gu+ Syndrome

As you know the stomach is the most important organ in the human body, in fact scientists are now calling the gut our “second brain”. As we grow older, our diet changes, and stress gets the best of us our stomach lining becomes damaged. This damage causes certain food remnants, toxic waste and chemicals, and […]

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Many people in this day and age do not realize that weight gain is not completely due to high caloric intake, genetics, and laziness, but to our gut bacteria. These bacteria that live in our stomach play a role in stress response which affect the balance of hormones, the way we store food, and our […]

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Magnesium (Mg+)

Magnesium (Mag-Knee-Zee-Yum) is an alkaline metal and electrolyte that is very essential and hundreds of enzymes in our body need it to function optimally. 60% of it is found in the skeleton, 39% found in our muscle tissue, and 1% is found outside of the cells. Estimates show that up to 80% of americans are […]

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+he Irisin hormone

Irisin (Iris-Inn) is known as ‘the exercise hormone’ and is a great motivation in order to exercise and keep your body in really good shape.┬áIrisin comes from the greek goddess ‘Iris’ who was known as the messenger of the gods. Irisin plays a huge role as a chemical messenger to the muscles during their activation […]

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