+he Irisin hormone

Irisin (Iris-Inn) is known as ‘the exercise hormone’ and is a great motivation in order to exercise and keep your body in really good shape. Irisin comes from the greek goddess ‘Iris’ who was known as the messenger of the gods. Irisin plays a huge role as a chemical messenger to the muscles during their activation during exercise.

Studies show that irisin is a fat burning powerhouse because it is released during endurance activities as your cardiovascular system and muscles are optimally engaged. Studies show that irisin works by activiating specific genes that transform white fat into brown fat, not only that but irisin stays activated even after exercise is over!

Now maintaining a healthy body weight, improving muscle definition, and keeping away from obesity are all very important to healthy cells and a long life but this can not be done without Irisin fat suppressing effects. This hormone also contributes to healthy heart function and boosts calcium levels which are vital for heart contractions.

Ways to increase irisin:

  1. Shiver (Cold temperatures activate Irisin)
  2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  3. Healthy High Fat Diet

Its simple, if it jiggles, its fat. -Arnold Schwarzenegger



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